Saturday, February 27, 2010

Game Day at Gamer's Realm 2/27/2010

Our first game day at the new game store The Gamer's Realm in Richardson, TX. John Boone, Matthew Schemenaur, and Mervyn Dejecacion play Runewars.

Late in the game, the Elves are fighting a two front war vs the Matt's Humans and Mervyn's evil Uthuk . The game ended when the Elves managed to acquire 2 Dragon Runes in the same turn for 6 total required for the win.
In the other room, Mark Woodson, Mark Bausman, Andy Linman, and another player whose name I didn't get play Samurai Swords while Ken Burt watches. I heard they had to stop before finishing the game but it sounded like Mark Woodson was winning.
After finishing our Runewars game, Matt and I played his copy of Panzer General. Matt took the US and I the Germans. Matt's Americans ran over my poor Germans and captured my HQ for the win. This is an interesting card base game where the cards represent both your fighting units and the combat actions they take. The action cards and unit cards each have a cost that the player must pay to use the card. The cost is paid from a player's Prestige point track. Prestige points are gained from the territory a player controls, winning battles, and from event cards when played, so the game comes down to who can best manage their card hand and prestige supply to have enough to go on the offensive and yet have enough for the inevitable counter attack.
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