Thursday, May 24, 2007

What I'm playing now

Since I have my internet connection back up at home I thought I'd make a quick post. Currently I have two play by email (PBEM) games with Cyberboard, The first one is a re-match with Mark Simonitch of Empire of the Sun. In our first outing, and my first time playing, Mark's Japanese achieved victory at the end of turn 5 when Allied progress of war went to zero causing the allies to make peace with the Japanese. I'm playing the allies again in this game trying to make a better showing this time.

My second game is Bonaparte at Marengo with Brian Mullin. Brian by the way also helped design the cyberboard gamebox for Bonaparte at Marengo. We are playing in a ladder tourney. In this game I'm playing the Austrians against Brian's French. The game is half-way through the 5PM turn with 4 more turns to go after this one. This one looks like it will go down to the wire. I have 4 turns left to get 4 more hits on the French in order to drive their morale level down to zero for the victory. This is my sixth ladder game, the forth time as the Austrians, with a win I will be at 3 and 3.

I will get a chance to play something face to face this Saturday when Mervyn and I head on over to Mark Simonitch's house. We haven't decided what to play yet - maybe some Successors III playtest.

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