Friday, July 13, 2007

Empire of the Sun - Cyberboard, End of '42 Turn

This is the end of the first turn, turn 2, of Mark Simonitch's and my Empire of the Sun game via Cyberboard.

Click Picture for larger view.

Mark is working on the Dutch East Indies after having taken Rangoon and made a landing on Biak Is, New Guinea. The allied units in the Philippines were isolated after the FE Air Force was destroyed along with what little US Naval strength that began in the theatre. ABDA HQ established itself on Timor. The 19th Air Force managed to survive a couple of attacks, both offensively and in reaction, and is currently based in Makassar. MacArthur, SW Pac HQ, evacuated the Philippines and will be redeploying at the start of turn 3.

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