Sunday, November 4, 2007

Saturday, Nov 3rd, 2007 - Finally Some Face-to-Face Gaming

I had not played a face-to-face game since the end of September so was glad I could make it this weekend. Mark Bausman hosted the gaming on Saturday. We started off with a 5-player game of Age of Empires III attended by Mark Bausman, Al Hay, Mervyn Dejecacion, Mark Woodson, and myself. When we got there Mark B announced that the winner would take home a copy of Crusader Rex. In the end it was my early colonization strategy vs Mervyn's Trade Good/Privateer/Building strategy. I barely beat Mervyn by two points. I've only played this game three times but it has become one of my favorite non-wargames.

Al and Mark W. had to leave after the AoE III game so Mark B, Mervyn, and I played Ivanhoe. I took an early lead winning the first four tournaments needing only the jousting tourney for the win but I didn't have the cards to continue so watched Mark B and Mervyn beat on each other as I rebuilt my hand. Meryvn and Mark won a tourney a piece and I then managed to sneak in and take the jousting tourney for the win.

Finally Mark B and I finished off with a game of Starship Catan. It took longer than I thought it would, having never played it before, but I managed to win this one too.

Lady Luck smiled on me this weekend with the wins but the chance to play with the group was the best part.


Anonymous said...

I want to get in the next game of AoE III.

merv said...

Yeah, that was a fun session. I loved being the pirate and having the grand armada. If I got the money to VP building instead of migration the outcome might have been different.