Sunday, January 6, 2008

Six-Player Starcraft, Saturday 1, 2008

We had six people show up for Starcraft: the Board Game on Saturday. A random draw assigned the factions.
1. Queen of Blades (Zerg) - Troy Adlington
2. The Overmind (Zerg) - John Boone
3. Tassadar (Protoss) - Mark Bausman
4. Aldaris (Protoss) - Mervyn Dejecacion
5. Jim Raynor (Terran) - Mark Simonitch
6. Arcturus Mengsk (Terran) - Nevin Ball

Once the Third Stage deck showed up Nevin had satisfied his faction's special victory condition, controlled every area on two planets, for the win.


Anonymous said...

What? No turn by turn narratives? No pictures?
-Arcturus Mengsk

John said...

Camera had dead batteries. I could only post from the Overminds point of view. Care to send a post from the view of Arcturus Mengsk?