Sunday, May 3, 2009

Teaching Claire Memoir '44

Inspired by Memoir 44 History Club I decided to ask Claire if she wanted to learn Memoir 44. She said yes so we played the Sword Beach scenario from the base game. Claire picked the Germans and I took the British. To minimize the complexity I removed all the special wordy cards from the deck. I also played a random card from my hand each turn.

Here is a picture early on in the game.

Claire did well but didn't have the cards to stop my advance and the British won 5 medals to 3.


merv said...

fantastic. soon you'll have her playing combat commander!

Nevin said...

That's great! Last month, Jessica and I played the Agincourt scenario in Battlelore. I had to help her with a few of the command cards but she did fine. She wants to play it again but Descent is still her favorite.

Nevin said...

Oh yea, you should post the pic on the Geek because its a great pic of Claire.

Wow Gold said...

Nice image. I liked it.