Saturday, August 15, 2009

August 15th 2009 - Frisco Library Game Day Pictures

Some pictures from the August Game Day at the Frisco Library.

Five-Player Starcraft. Mark Simonitch would eventually win as the Arcturus Mengsk faction.

JOHN BOONE: Called the game a early but Mark Simonitch was cruising to a win. His Stage II two extra Conquest Point markers were a big help gaining him 4 CPs in two consecutive turns. Mark S - 11 pts - Red Terrans Mark B - 8 pts - Green Zerg John B - 8 pts - Orange Protoss Mark W - 6 pts - Blue Terrans Mervyn D - 5 pts - Purple Zerg Mark B was the only player to select his Special Victory condition as his Stage I Leadership card, so everyone kept an eye out on him making sure he wasn't going to get 3 bases on three different planets. The combat system to the game takes to long to resolve, especially for new persons to the game.

Joseph and David battle over the streets of Stalingrad.

Ken and Steve play out the 1960 Presidential election.

Sean and Steven re-fight the US Civil War.

Al and Glen fight a fictional street battle from WW2.
The mean streets of Sniper Town.
GLEN RICHARDSON: WW2 Germans vs Americans Squad on squad fire fight, in a small village. Americans(Al) initiated combat,with an excellent first shot. From there on luck left Al. He usually moved second, and was rarely in a position to inflict casualties on the Germans. Dice went cold on him. I was able to take up good defensive positions, and quickly began inflicting casualties on the American forces. In the end Al conceded, as I had already inflicted 25% casualties on his forces, which demoralized Al's forces (and I think himself, to a degree) : )

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