Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sept 25, 2010 Frisco Library Game Day

It has been a while since posting but here is quick run down of what we played today.

Sixteen gamers braved the inclement weather and showed up at the Frisco Public Library for boardgaming today.

The following games were present:
Fall Blau - Greg Blanchett's playtest

Command and Colors: Ancients
Sara and Emily Blanchett squared off again for their regular match.

Federation Commander: Klingon Border
Doug Erwin brought his minis and played with Marc Greenspan on Doug's nice looking Hotts Space Map.

Beda Fomm
Brian Marrs(British) vs Steven Sheasby(Italians)

Age of Conan - 4 player game
Mark Bausman
Mark Woodson
Jenny Ramsey
David Harrod

Battle for Baghdad - 5 player game
Mervyn Dejecacion - USA (winner)
John Boone - Shi'ite
Greg Turner - Sunni
Kent Wayne - New Iraqi Government
Steve Gallob - Jihadists

Battle for Baghdad was a wild game and lots of fun. The guys who played it want to play it again.

A lot of things happening since my last post. We were meeting twice a month, at the Frisco Public Library and The Gamers Realm, until The Gamers Realm shut down. The library game group has grown quite a bit and we have been averaging 20+ gamers showing up for a library game day.


Asmo said...

I'm glad to hear that you guys liked Battle of Baghdad. I ordered it, but I still haven't had time to get it on the table. I've not heard that many people try it out yet either. Good to hear that someone played it and enjoyed it!

John said...

We have played it twice and enjoyed it both times.