Friday, October 12, 2012

My wife has left this earth for a better place

At 9:05 this morning my friend, wife, and love of my life, Dana, was relieved of her burden of cancer she fought so strongly against for the last 6 months.

Dana touched many lives during her short visit here, even during her tough times in the hospital. Many people went to her room thinking think to comfort her and she ended up comforting them only as Dana could do.

There were many obstacles, sets backs, and twists and turns during her fight, at times I thought too many, but Dana never once said she was ready to give up. She was a fighter to the end with the only goal to beat this thing and go home to her family. She is with a much bigger family now in heaven. I love her for that and will miss her.

Even when she was in pain she never complained for herself. During these times she thought about kids that had cancer and how much they had to go through. Always thinking of kids - that was Dana. She was always there for the kids, ours and everyone elses she knew. I love her for that and will miss her.

Back in August when it first appeared that Dana was not going to make it, one of the doctors said it was unfortunate that she had bad genes. I thought to myself that if she had different genes she wouldn't be Dana. I loved her genes.
I love her for everything that she was and will miss her,
John Boone



Unknown said...

John, on behalf of the High Frontier community please accept our condolences.

Iain said...

I am very sorry. That was a beautiful post.