Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Face to face gaming drought and Hannibal preview

In a bit of a gaming drought this week. I did get to see my 5 month old niece and nephew this past weekend so that was a plus.

I'd also like to give a big congratulations to Mervyn Dejecacion's newest addition to his family this past Friday. Welcome to the world Charlotte Grace Dejecacion.

I came across this on ConsimWorld and thought I'd cross post it since I've pre-ordered a copy: Hannibal: Rome vs Carthage reprint graphics. These really look top notch! The rule book front cover looks very cool with the leather effect.


Nevin said...

The artwork for the Valley Games edition looks fantastic. I too have been in a FTF drought. I've played a few solo games of BattleLore. Maybe Shawnna will be willing to play a game this Fathers' Day weekend.

Board Wargamer John said...

We need to get a big (two mapper) game of Battlelore going.