Saturday, June 2, 2007

North Texas Wargamers Gameday

The North Texas Wargamers had our monthly gameday this Saturday and we had a decent turn out, twelve players by my count. I forgot the camera at home so no pictures this time.

Initial Games Played:
1. Successors III Playtest:
John Boone - Perdicus/Antigonus
Mark Simonitch - Lysimachus/Leonnatus
Nevin Ball - Craterus/Ptolemy
Chris Trimmer - Antipater/Peithon (first time to play)
Another good game. As always turn 1 had all players grabbing up spaces to establish their zones of influence. On my last card play I activated Olympias and moved her down into Crete out of the Chris Trimmer sphere of influence. At the end of turn 1, Nevin was the VP leader and I was the Legitimacy leader.

As is usual in turn 2, the remaining areas are tougher to take; usually being garrisoned by independents, requiring sieges, or fought over by two or three neighboring players. Chris concentrated on trying to add Greece to his holdings but didn't have much success while the other players in Asia tried to position their generals to protect what they got from turn one and threaten to take more from the other players. The north eastern mediterranean coastal provinces changed hands many times in turn 2 between Mark, Nevin, and I. At the end of the turn the VP totals were more even but I ended up being the low man with a good chance to bury Alexander in Pella early in turn 3 if not contested.

This one ended at the beginning of turn 3. I chose myself to go first (lowest VPs) and was two spaces from Pella with Alexander's body guarded by 16CUs (~24 Strength points) and no one with enough strength to oppose my burial for the legitimacy win. Nevin was making a great run for the VP win when he first defeated Lysimachus sending him to the Dispersed box. That enticed me to pounce on Nevin which opened up the way to Pella. Some of the changes we played with this time was 1) Naval interceptions counted as attacks for losing your Champion status and 2) Mark changed the range limit for using CUs in Naval battles. This is a new rule he added since our last game.

In an earlier post on Successors III changes I mentioned a change on the map. Mark was gracious enough to provide a JPEG of the changes for posting.
1. The transit point in Macedonia has been changed to a minor city, Chalcidice.
2. The sea route has been removed from Pella.
3. Aetolia is now part of Greece. There is a new event card for Aetolia also.
4. Greece is now worth 6 victory points because of #3 above.
5. Thessaly is now worth 2 victory points.

2. EastFront:
Mark Woodson
Walter (the new guy)
This was the first time Walter showed up after finding us on Consimworld. Welcome aboard Walter!

3. Blood Bowl:
Troy Adlington
Jim Carrol
I've never played this one, but the board and components looked very nice.

4. Combat Commander, Europe (3x):
Ken Gutermuth
Brian Marrs - Brian's After Action Reports.
This is a game I like playing too but haven't played it in about a month or more. I must remedy this soon.

5. A Victory Lost:
Greg Blanchett - Greg's view of the battle.
Greg's daughter
I wish my daughter would play wargames with me. This was one of the games Nevin, Mervyn, and I played at BGG Con 2006.

Follow up games played:
6. Wings of War with Nevin's Minis:
Team Germany
John Boone - D.Va Albatross
Chris Trimmer - DR-1
Team Allies
Mark Simonitch - Spad XIII
Nevin Ball - Sopwith Camel
Nevin was the first to be shot down and then it took a little while longer for Chris and I to down Mark. Chris did an admirable job keeping on Marks tail toward the end. Mark drew a lot of low damage cards but finally fell prey to an explosion card from a burst from my Albatross. This is a fun little game to finish off a day of gaming.

7. Age of Empires III:
Troy Adlington
Jim Carrol
Chris Trimmer

8. Drakon (3x)
John Boone
Mark Simonitch
Nevin Ball
Brian Marrs
This is a nice little filler game when you want to wind down from playing the heavies. Mark won the first game and then Brian took the last two.

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