Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day Gaming

We went to Nevin's house this father's day Sunday with my son Cody and played some fantasy themed games.

We played 3 games of Drakon while waiting for Mervyn to arrive. This game has become a favorite of mine for filler games. Now I will have to pick up a copy.

We then played a 4-player game of Return of the Heroes. The game reminded me quite a bit of Runebound. Each player runs a single character trying to fulfill a main quest after which you can go and try to defeat the main nasty. Each character has its own quest to fulfill and there are other little side quests you can attempt to gain more experience and gold while completing your main quest. In this game the map is not fixed as in Runebound but is pieced together with map segments. As is was our first time playing we used the default basic game setup.

Nevin's dwarf ended up defeating the end game boss in an anti-climatic battle.

If we had known how wimpy the boss was at the beginning we would have challenged him a lot earlier than we did. As you complete quests your characters gain experience and/or gold. Experience is used to increase your three abilities, magic, ranged weapons, or hand to hand combat. Gold can be used to buy equipment from the market. We played the basic game so I'm not sure if there is more player interaction but the only way you could effect the other players in the basic game was by placement of the random encounter/quest tiles.

After the game we played a final game of Drakon this time with Mervyn. I had some good luck today going 4-0 in Drakon.

First rule of Drakon: Never be the first to go into a room with only one exit!

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