Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Jeff Kuhn's War of the Ring Cyberboard Gamebox

I "met" Jeff Kuhn through his posts on the ConsimWorld website and Boardgamegeek. A little over a year ago I had the chance to play a game of War of the Ring with him using the Cyberboard gamebox he had created for the game. His gamebox, graphically, looked quite a bit better than the one I had previously found and was very pleased with his work.

After we finished our game, he won, we discussed what changes he could make to the gamebox to improve it. Version 5 was completed with larger pieces that were more easily distinguishable but Jeff was still looking for ways to improve the map at the time.

Jeff recently sent me his latest, version 6, gamebox incorporating the expansion and a newer map graphic.

He will soon be releasing it to the public, after removing the card text, and hopefully it could be used in the upcoming War of the Ring Tournament being talked up on Boardgamegeek here.

I've attached more pictures. Click on them to enlarge.

The Card Track

The Fellowship

The Hunt Tiles


The DEW Line

Orthanc and Rohan

I'm not sure if I will be in the tourney as I'm involved with other PBEM games now but if anyone wants to do a casual game using the gamebox drop me a line.



Jamie said...

Nice looking gamebox. Thanks for posting these pics!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the article. Is this gamebox available for public?I cannot find it on the net.

Thank you,

John said...

Jeff is looking for someone to host the gamebox. You can probably get a copy by asking him directly or posting on the War of the Ring forum on BoardGameGeek.

He is Xookliba on BoardGameGeek.

Chandra said...

Well said.