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Shifting Sands - The Italians Rule in East Africa

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Turn 1 Axis Action 3 - Invasion of Greece for 3 OPs
In Libya, The 3 Italian Infantry divisions in Sidi Azeiz pull out, moving to El Adem (4th BS), Gazala (2nd Libyan), and Sidi Mufta (1st Libyan) to re-establish their defensive line.

In East Africa, the Italian Africa Divsion and Italian infantry battlegroup, in Jijiga attack the reduced British battlegroup in Berbera, eliminating it, but suffering a loss (1LF) themselves. After their victory, the reduced Italian battlegroup marches into Berbera (1VP) furthing the Axis cause. Also in East Africa, the Italian GDS Division supported by two Italian infantry battlegroups in Keren attack a British infantry battlegroup in Kassala destroying the British battlegroup with no loss to themselves and march victoriously into Kassala.

Turn 1 Allied Action 3 - Minefields for Redeployment (3 RD points)
Fearing the imminent fall of Khartoum (and another loss of 1VP) and the threat of an Egyptian Uprising, the Allies call on their Free French and Polish allies. A Free French and Polish battlegroup are redeployed (from the Allied reserve box) to Khartoum joining the reduced British battlegroup that redeployed to Khartoum from Gallabat first.

Turn 1 Axis Action 4 - Italian Reinforcements #7 for 3OPs
In Libya, the Italian command orders the 2nd BS Division, in Buerat, to Tengeder and the 1st BS Division to Agedabia.

In East Africa, the Italian Africa Division joins the Italian battlegroup in Kismayu preparing for an attack on Nairobi which is lightly defended by a reduced Commonwealth battlegroup. Concurrently, the Italian battlegroup in Gondar is ordered to Gallabat to support the attack on Khartoum.

Turn 1 Allied Action 4 - 1OPs
Wanting to conserve resources (cards) the allies can only move a Commonweath battlegroup to reinforce Nairobi preparing for the attack that is sure to come.

Turn 1 Axis Action 5 - Graziani for Redeployment (2 RD points)
The Italian battlegroup in Ghimbi, E. Africa, redeploys to Gallabat with an Italian Armor battlegroup, from the reserve box, bringing overwhelming force for the upcoming battle for Khartoum.

Turn 1 Allied Action 5 - Taranto Raid for 4OPs
The Allies, hoping their forces in E. Africa are sufficient to hold for at least a little while, concentrate their operations in Libya. The reduced 4th Indian Commonweath Division moves from Sidi Omar to the Southern Flank (via Sidi Azeiz, Sidi Omar, Southern Flank, Bir El Gubi, Southern Flank) protecting against a flanking movement into Egypt by the Italians. The emboldened (Victoria Cross combat card) Allied units in Halfaya (British Infantry and Armor battlegroups and a Commonweath battlegroup) attack Bardia fortress which is defended by the Italian 62nd and 63rd Infantry Divisions and an Italian Armor battlegroup. The Allies win a minor victory forcing the Italians to flee Bardia. The reduced Italian Armor battlegroup retreats to Gambut along with the reduce 63rd Infantry and 62nd Infantry divisions (3LF). Fearing a counter attack the Allies order the reduced Commonweath battlegroup into Bardia while the reduced British infantry and armor battlegroups remain in Halfaya (2LF).

The Axis have one action round left for turn 1. Can the Allies in East Africa hold? Will Bardia fall to an Italian counter attack?

To be continued....

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