Thursday, August 1, 2013


Ok, so what did I play at gameday you ask? "Angola!", with Nevin, Kent, and Steven. We decided from the start to play 8 turns as we know the game can run on the long side. The picture is of the end of the game. The Communist backed Alliance (FAPLA red chits played by me and the MPLA yellow chits played by Nevin) won by 1 VP. It was very close and could have easily ended in a draw or victory for the other side.

Nevin held on to Cabinda eventhough Steven (FPLA) made a concerted effort to take it. We managed to hold the middle third of the map feom the coast to the edge of the fluorescent light glare in the picture. On the last turn, the UNITA  faction, Kent, went for the weakly defended towns in the Eastern part of the map.

The two most important battles on the last turn were for Cabinda and Benguela. Benguela fell to the UNITA faction on their portion of the turn but the FAPLA managed to take it back on their turn.

This is a very fun game with the only downside being the length of time to play.

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