Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cityfight - Modified Tank Battle at Metalwaren

Kent and I are playing our modified version of the Tank Battle at Metalwaren scenario for the second time. We started playing this past Sunday and have completed 14 of the 20 turns. 

I will post pictures from my point of view; Cityfight is a double-blind game using two identical maps. People who came up to us asking about it said it sounded like extreme Battleship on land.

The picture posted was taken at the end of turn 1. My goal is to defend the exit megahexes of 1G, 1H, and 1I and/or to try to exit undemoralized platoons off the map at any of the megahexes 0A, 9B, or 0C. The last time we played I did not try to exit any of my platoons. This time I decided from the start to attempt to exit my tank platoon off the map.

Rather than take the obvious most direct route I decide I will go around the right side of the map and then cut across the top of the map to the exit points. We shall see how that works out.

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