Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Cityfight - Soviets get first kill!

The second part of my plan was to position units of my mech infantry platoon where I thought I could get good shots at the enemy if they came down the road. In the picture I had unloaded a squad split between the stone building and woods.  One of Kent's T-62s spotted and then killed one if the APCs before it had a chance to get off the road.  The road going North-South leads directlt towards my exit point. It became apparent as the game progressed that Kent had it heavily guarded. 

Use of light and medium anti-tank weapons from buildings is limited by the composition if the building (wood, stone, concrete) and the number of doors and windows (accessible hexsides) the building has. A building may be in a good location but be unusable if you can't fire from it.

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